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Make an IMPACT on the Environment

We live on an extraordinary planet. Regrettably, there are many forces taking their toll on Mother Earth, and crypto-currency is no exception. Thankfully, we have options. Cue Impact Coin.

Impact Coin is a fork of Bitcoin software, with the addition of a revolutionary proof-of-stake application. It incites miners to simply acquire and hold the coin, and they, in turn, receive a 2% mining reward annually. Contrast that with Bitcoin, which consumes tremendous amounts of energy to produce a return. The Bitcoin electricity bill is a whopping $2.5 billion annually, a staggering amount. Even more astounding is the pollution associated with such massive energy use, putting an ever greater strain on our planet and its inhabitants.

Thanks to progress in technology, we now have a choice. Impact Coin offers an option that will not harm the environment -- one that we can feel good about. Encourage your friends to download and install one of the following wallets that support Impact. Thanks to generous environmentally aware donors, they can receive their first Impact coins for free.

Make an IMPACT. Impact Coin.

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